Top 10 Finalist on Master Chef

Representing Alaska on Team West Coast – “Alaska Lizzie” AKA Lizzie Hartman has put the Last Frontier on the culinary map!

Ready to Roam: Bring Alaska Lizzie’s Culinary Magic to Your Table! Whether you’re in our backyard or beyond, let’s cook up a memorable feast together.

Alaska Lizzie

Mom, Chef, Alaskan + Champion Of Small Business

Alaska Lizzie, the vibrant culinary personality and community advocate, embodies the heart and flavors of Alaska. With a zest for joyful living and a passion for creating meaningful connections, she curates immersive bus tours, crafts delectable recipes, and champions the spirit of local businesses. Alaska Lizzie warmly invites you to join her in celebrating the essence of Alaska through food, community, and vibrant adventures.

Chena Camp

The 11 cabin project and lodge building began as a Habitat For Humanity and Fairbanks Rescue Mission program to support housing needs in the Fairbanks area. As circumstances for those entities changed we have taken on the continued development and are making good progress.

The current plan is to complete the unfinished housing units and the lodge area to provide for housing needs and community activities. The lodge will be finished with a full kitchen and dining area where meals for guests, and housing residents can be prepared and served. The kitchen will also be used for teaching culinary art programs to at-risk children and youth from Fairbanks. Adult programs will also be offered to those interested.

Portions of the camp will be reserved for retreats, church events, and other related use as needed while designated cabins will be used to support housing needs.

Chena Camp will operate in collaboration with “Southside”, a youth-focused program in South Fairbanks. The camp will also be a base for village programs that require aviation support and will provide housing options for workers visiting from, or headed to, remote areas.